Deserted Island Pt. 1: Setting up

When you start up Animal Crossing, you… have nothing. No bells, no nook miles, nothing. All you have is a greedy raccoon, two other not-so-greedy raccoons, an two random villagers.

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Now then… there are some very fast ways to ‘beat the game’ in a little more than a week. However, the game may seem ’empty’ after you beat it, so I would recommend going slow.

Let’s get started!

(1) You will answer a few questions from Timmy and Tommy at the airport.

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(2) You head to your new deserted island and do a few chores for Tom Nook (collecting tree branches and fruit).

(3) You decide on an island name! This is your biggest step so far to customizing your island to perfection! Note: You can type in a suggested island name, but your name will always be chosen in the end. Also note that you cannot change the name later, so choose a good name!

(4) Pitch your tent and help out those two random villagers pitching theirs! After you place yours, look around for those two villagers. Talk to them, and they will suggest a random spot somewhere. Unless this is somehow a really good spot, offer to help them pitch their tents. You get their tent, and put them somewhere nice. Moving villagers is quite expensive and a bit tedious later on, so choose a spot they will stay at for a few weeks at least.

(5) Go to sleep… then wake up and start having ‘fun’! Note that going to ‘sleep’ does not take an actual day. When you wake up, Tom Nook will hand you your… bill. Did I mention he is a greedy raccoon? But still, he is nice enough to let you pay in nook miles, once he finds out that you have zero money.

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Want more information about starting your island? Stay tuned!

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