Deserted Island Pt. 3: Tent upgrade!

Deserted Island Guide Upgrade

Ready to pay off your miles to the greedy raccoon Tom Nook? Good, because this is how you get a HOUSE! Yay! This will also open all kinds of doors… Nook Miles+ services, Redeeming Nook Miles at the NookStop, Mystery Island tours, and more (like actual iron tools).

Let’s dive right in!

(1) Complete as many Nook Mile quests as possible. Catch bugs, fish, and more. You can also sell them to Timmy once you catch them.

(2) Visit the museum! It actually isn’t a museum right now… it’s just a small house. Inside, Blathers will be there! You can now donate more creatures to him! Make sure to talk to him to receive the recipe for a vaulting pole and a flimsy shovel. You can use the vaulting pole to pole vault over the rivers of your island! Just hold it and press A next to rivers. As for the shovel, press A to dig up a circle of land. More on soon.

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(3) You need to donate another 15 creatures to Blathers to unlock the Museum. Luckily, now you can get fossils assessed and you can donate fossils too! Walk around your island (including beyond the rivers, thanks to your new pole vault), and look for star-shaped outlines. Dig them up using your shovel, and voila, a fossil!

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(4) Assess and donate fossils to Blathers. Once you have searched every nook and cranny of your island for the four fossils that spawn daily, ask Blathers to assess them. You cannot submit plain fossils, so it takes an extra step to identify what they are. If you love being drowned in boring (but helpful) information about every fossil, bug, or fish, then submit them individually (not multiple at once). Blathers will ask you if you would like a presentation about your creature. If you are submitting multiple items, he will not ask you about a presentation.

(5) Try to earn those 5000 Nook Miles. Is it easy? No. Especially if you are just starting out on a new island. Try to earn some simple ones by making a new custom design (500 miles), posting on the island discussion board (300 miles), and doing a few of those bug and fish quests (varies from 300-500+). Most quests aren’t listed on the app until you complete it, so you can use different guides to help you find all the quests obtainable on your early days. If you can’t earn 5000 miles (or just don’t have the time), you can work on it as long as you want. If you do manage to get 5000 miles, head to Tom Nook and submit them.

(6) Time to upgrade to a house! As long as you submitted the 5000 miles, you should be given an option to upgrade your tent. Do this ASAP. You do not need to have 98,000 bells upfront, you just need them later on. It’s not a bad idea to start saving up right away and depositing bells into your savings account. All you need to do now is wait… but not before Tom Nook unlocks a new feature for you! More about that in the next post 😉

Congrats on making it this far on your island journey! There is still plenty more for you to unlock, so stay tuned!

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