Deserted Island Pt. 4: House and Shop

Deserted Island Guide Upgrade

If you’ve followed this guide so far, you should now have a house! Congrats! Check it out and you should also look at house storage. More about what to do coming right up!

(1) Nook Miles+ is a feature that Tom Nook unlocked for you right after you paid off that 5000 mile loan. Now, you can access infinite tasks! Wow! In your Nook Miles app, you will now see five mini quests at the top. Every day, these are refreshed. The first five quests for each day will have double rewards (i.e. Catch 5 bugs = 150 miles x 2 = 300 miles)! Every other quest for the day will have small rewards.

(2) You can now access special features at the NookStop. Head over there, click on “Redeem Nook Miles”, then check out the cool stuff you can access! For a hefty price (5000 miles), you can get a whole extra row of pocket space! For an even heftier price (8000 miles), you can get ANOTHER row of pocket space! You can also buy stuff to customize your character (2000-3000 miles), and a special feature. Nook Mile tickets (2000 miles)! These can be used at the airport to travel to a mystery island that Nintendo created. You can use these islands that have fully stocked trees, rocks, and vegetation. Try to avoid the Bell Vouchers (500 miles). They are worth 3000 bells, but there are WAY better ways to get bells. Save your miles for extra pocket space.

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(3) House storage is very nice and convenient. A majority of in-game items can be stored in house storage (there are exceptions). Storage depends on what level your house is on (currently level 1). When you upgrade your house, your storage increases too. Head into your house, click on an item in your inventory, and click the “Move to storage” option. If the option is not there, that item cannot be placed in your house storage. To access your storage and to move storage items to your pockets, press the right arrow, then click on an item then click “Move to pockets”.

(4) Now then, let’s move on to more story. If you enter the Resident Services tent, Tom Nook should be chatting with Timmy about opening a shop! This is a great feature, so talk to Timmy about what you need. You need a LOT of materials. You need a stack (30) of Wood, Softwood, Hardwood, and Iron Nuggets. Go ahead and raid your island for the materials needed. If necessary (it probably will be), go to the airport and redeem the Nook Miles Ticket Tom Nook left for you. There will be fresh materials on that island that you can use!

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(5) If you somehow manage to gather all the materials, talk to Timmy (you can turn in the items in stacks (30), and you also get a random item every time you donate a stack of materials. Once you turn in the last of the materials, you get the kit to set up the shop. I would recommend placing it near the plaza for maximum accessibility. Normally, you would be used to selling your stuff in the Resident Services tent, so having a shop will be a big change (more buildings you have to enter). If this process takes two days or more, that is fine as well (it probably will).

(6) Use those new Nook Mile+ quests and buy yourself something cool from the Nook Stop. You deserve it!

That’s all for this post!

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