Toy Day Event Guide

Welcome to Island Dreams Blog first recorded event… Toy Day! Whenever you are reading this (perhaps it is recent… perhaps it is in the middle of summer… perhaps it is in the winter of 2021…), please note that you can always time travel to Toy Day (but there ARE punishments for time traveling too far…).

Toy Day takes place on December 24, and features an NPC that you may have seen in New Leaf… Jingle the black-nosed reindeer!

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You know the deal… starts at 5 AM on Dec 24, ends on 5 AM on Dec 25… the whole spiel.

This year’s event is rather boring and I was able to finish it in 30 minutes. However, there is still some key points I would like to make in this post, so read on!

(1) Receive the DIY recipe for festive wrapping paper from Jingle. Craft three of them using your ornaments (you will need a total of 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 gold). Hand them over to Jingle to receive the Toy Day stockings item. Head to your house and hang your stockings immediately (don’t forget!) Keep reading, the stockings have a later purpose 😉

(2) Get the magic bag and start delivering presents! Finding all your villagers could be a long or short task… depending on luck and when you are playing. If you are playing before 8 AM, quite a few of your villagers could be asleep, so your quest requires a second trip around. Check everyone’s house, I have found that there is about a 50/50 proportion; half inside and half outside.

(3) Once you deliver the last present, head back to Jingle to claim your rewards! First, you get a DIY recipe for a gift pile (wooden block toy, cardboard box, and 3 red wrapping paper). The wooden block toy recipe is a part of a DIY recipe pack at Nook’s Cranny. The cardboard box can be found in Resident Services (you may not be able to craft this if you don’t have one, ask a friend if they can spare one). And finally… the red wrapping paper. If Nook’s Cranny doesn’t have red that day, don’t fret! Read on 😉 The second reward from Jingle is a Toy Day sleigh (not a DIY recipe)!

(4) Gift exchange! Go ahead and talk to a villager and immediately deny their request to trade. Why? Because you need some red wrapping paper to make a gift pile! Based on testing results, that villager should give you 3 red wrapping paper, the perfect amount to make a gift pile! For the real gift exchange, you can choose to buy every villager their own unique gift, or to ‘recycle’ gifts. To recycle gifts, buy or make a gift for one villager. Give it to the villager, then take their gift and wrap that one to give to the next villager, etc… At the very end, you should have one unique gift! Note that villagers will give you parts of the Toy Day toys set, and the colors will be different from the ones in Nook’s Cranny! The biggest detail with this gift exchange is all gifts MUST be wrapped. You can head to Nook’s Cranny and buy some, or make some festive wrapping paper! Using the festive one doesn’t give you bonus points, so you might be tempted to buy some (no harm done).

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(5) That’s it for Toy Day! Pretty quick event, I hope you got everything you wanted to accomplish! But there is one more thing… remember that Toy Day stocking?

(6) On December 25 (assuming you hung your stocking like I told you), go interact with it and… hey! It’s Jingle’s photo! Wow! Go hang it up 🙂 NOTE: If you time traveled to get more than one stocking, it won’t work! Jingle’s photo is limited to one per resident, not one per stocking.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more posts in the future 😉

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