Time Traveling

Mostly everyone who plays ACNH regularly will figure out that you don’t always have to live with the current time, you can play at night during the day… the day at night… play during the summer during winter… etc…

In this post, you will get the answers to all of your questions about time traveling. How? Good things? Bad things? All of it answered here.

First off, what is time traveling and how do you do it? Time traveling involves changing the internal time on your Nintendo Switch to be able to access certain times in-game. To time travel, exit the game, then head to “System Settings” > “System” > “Date & Time”, then turn “Synchronize time via internet” off. You should now have the option to manually enter a time. After you enter the time, reboot ACNH and start playing!

What can you accomplish using time travel? Well… time travel can be very helpful since Animal Crossing is a “play a little bit every day” kind of game. If you want to rush through as fast as you can (or you are bored), time travel is for you. Let’s say you want iron nuggets and you ran out of rock hits on your island. You could buy a Nook Miles Ticket and find more iron nuggets on the new island, or you could time travel to get more rock hits on your own island. Can’t play ACNH on Halloween night? Time travel back to Halloween night! If you missed a seasonal DIY recipe and the season is over… time travel back and farm balloons! (NOTE: For events and most seasonal stuff, you cannot time travel forward when the event hasn’t happened yet. You must time travel back once the event has already happened.)

There are many benefits to time traveling, but there are also stuff that discourages you from time traveling. The first? Weeds. Weeds will infest your island depending on how far you time travel (a month or more will usually cause large amounts of weeds). Although this isn’t a big concern for most, be prepared to pick up quite a few weeds. The second disadvantage is your Nook Stop streak. This is, again, a small disadvantage. If you have a 7+ day streak however… consider time traveling one day at a time instead of weeks at a time to claim your Nook Miles each day (though this method is very time-consuming). Time traveling 2+ days in one go without claiming your miles resets your streak. The third main consequence is villagers feeling neglected. This will only occur if you time travel too far. You can always find them thinking and ask them to stay. There are some other details… like turnips rotting if you time travel backwards (or past the next Sunday), cockroaches appearing in your home (this will greatly reduce your HHA score but can be quickly remedied), and bedhead (if you time travel a month or more).

Image credit: https://www.polygon.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-acnh-guide/2020/3/20/21176835/hair-styles-hairstyles-color-customization-mirror-pop-cool-stylish-bedhead

There it is! All of your questions about time traveling-answered!

We hope you found this post useful; stay tuned for more!

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