Who is… Sable?

Ah, the Able Sisters. They’ve been around ever since Animal Crossing started… but who are they? More specifically, who is Sable?

Sable is a hard-working porcupine in New Horizons. All day… she just sews… and sews… and sews… which is supposedly what is sold at the shop.

Image credit: https://www.imore.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-custom-designs-sable

When you first unlock the Able Sister’s shop, talking to Sable will earn you some awkward silence. Sable will become more annoyed if you continue to talk to her on the same day. Keep annoying her! It will pay off some day…

After about six days, Sable will call you by your name! Mable will appear shocked, and your friendship is ‘maxed out’ at this point. For the next ten days, your first conversation with Sable will earn you a special pattern for customizing your furniture! If you talk to her more than once in a day, she will talk about Label (Labelle… Label… definitely not confusing), something about the weather (you braved to storm just to come here?), the day of the week… (I hope the DA will lay off… he’s always badgering the witnesses) and she may give you info about the family’s past (it is actually a sad story).

That’s all you need to know about Sable, the hard-working hedgehog. Thanks for reading!

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