New Year Event Guide

New Years Eve in ACNH is actually pretty nice (wish they would’ve put similar effort into Toy Day *koff*). You go around… buy stuff from Tom Nook, chat with Isabelle, give your villagers a party popper (why not).

On New Years Eve, Resident Services will be closed. The rumor about the shops being closed all day is false. Shops will stay open during their normal designated times (8-10 for Nook’s Cranny and 9-9 for Able Sisters).

In the middle of the plaza in front of Resident Services is a countdown board with Tom Nook and Isabelle standing near.

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Talk to Isabelle the first time to receive a light stick, and any more talking will result in different conversation types.

Talk to Tom Nook for the first time to receive some party poppers, and any more talking will allow you to buy a New Year’s Hat (500 bells), or a five-pack of party poppers (300 bells, a 200 bell discount than buying from Nook’s Cranny!) The New Year hats come in four different colors, collecting them all will run you a mere 2000 bells, with plenty leftover for party poppers!

From 5 AM-11 PM, it will still be considered a ‘regular day’. Only some of your villagers will be in the plaza and nobody will be decked out for New Years yet. Engaging in discussion with your villagers may strike up some conversation regarding the countdown, but nothing more than that.

From 11 PM-12 AM, all your villagers should start arriving in the plaza, ready for New Years (light sticks and all!)

For the final minute or so, the villagers will start waving their light sticks (this is your cue to do the same!) Once the clock strikes zero, a pop-up will show wishing you a happy new year, then comes the firework show! You should also start popping those party poppers!

Hope you enjoy your New Years on your island! Happy New Year from Island Dreams Blog 🙂

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