Early Event Access Guide

Events… the staple of Animal Crossing games. Plus time traveling… getting to anytime whenever you want. The question is… can we combine Events and Time Traveling? The short answer, no. The long answer?

Kinda. To an extent.

As of the winter event (Turkey Day + Toy Day), Nintendo has locked time traveling to events. The reasons were not disclosed, but people have assumed that (1) Keeping the ‘magic’ of playing the event or (2) Fixing bugs before it is released.

Whatever the reason, time traveling to events is now locked. If you want to know how, a mini update launches on the day of the event and that’s what activates it. Anyway… if you are in a time zone before Tokyo or so, you can time travel to events! Yay! If your time zone is Tokyo or later, you unfortunately cannot use this guide and must wait until events actually happen.

This can only work the day before the event. First, head to System Settings > System > Date & Time. Turn “Synchronize time via internet” off. Then change your time zone to sometime after Tokyo (preferably the latest time zone which is 17:00). If your new time is on the day of the event, perfect! It might be at… like… 2 AM in the morning. If it is, change your time to a preferable time. It will still work as long as you are in a correct time zone.

I hope this guide helped you get to an event a day early! Let me know if this was helpful! Stay tuned for more helpful posts!

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