What’s up on Cypress? #2

Now then, today I would like to make a villager list! I will list all of my villagers (in plot order), then rank them! Let’s get right into it:

  • Pashmina
  • Flip
  • Clay
  • Bianca
  • Bettina
  • Zell
  • Francine
  • Tia
  • Jeremiah
  • Punchy

This list is current as of 1-19-21… but this could change. Notice any villagers that you own? Let me know in the comments below.

Now then… let’s start with my top 3 villagers and why they are in the top 3. Let’s jump right in:

(1) Bianca-

Bianca is a peppy tiger villager. She is my number 1 favorite villager! Why? Welllllllll… let’s start with her catchphrase. You can’t go wrong with ‘glimmer’ can you? She is also pretty adorable and can often be seen running around the island as happy as can be…

(2) Punchy-

Punchy is a lazy cat villager. He is my number 2 favorite villager! He is (almost) the most recently added villager to my roster, only being beaten by Tia. Although his catchphrase is rather odd (mrmpht), his appearance is very nice and he just looks like a stuffed animal… and cat villagers (in general) usually have a pretty nice appearance.

(3) Zell-

Zell is a smug deer villager. He is my third favorite villager. His catchphrase, ‘pronk’, comes in handy when he greets you “What’s the good word? Is it pronk?” Zell typically likes to wear formal outfits that look great on him!

Now for the final seven villagers who didn’t quite make the cut:

(4) Pashmina – As much as I would love to put Pash in the top 3, her catchphrase (kidders), and the fact that she is so common cut her down to four.

(5) Jeremiah – He is pretty awesome, but his overall appearance didn’t quite get him through. (P.S. give him glasses that cover your forehead too… he’s looks hilarious when he has them on XD)

(6) Francine – Her overall appearance is nice, she’s a rabbit, is very compassionate, but is also pretty smug…

(7) Flip – I pretty much despise jock villagers, but he is still pretty nice and his catchphrase, ‘rerack’ is very unique…

(8) Clay – He looks a little ugly, but is somehow cute while he does it? He also names me food-related things like ‘burrito’, which I decline.

(9) Bettina – Rat villagers don’t make it far on any villager tier lists. Not on my list either. Although she is pretty nice, you can’t exactly rate rat villagers first place.

(10) Tia – Very nice, very tall for some reason, but very boring. If there was an award for the most generic villager, Tia would win it. Waters flowers, reads books, pretty boring.

That’s all for my villager ratings!

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