How to make Bells with the Stalk Market

Since the beginning of the Animal Crossing series, buying/selling turnips, more known as the Stalk Market, has existed. The basic gist is you BUY turnips from Daisy Mae (or Joan in every game except New Horizons), then SELL the turnips to the shop when the price is high enough.

How does this relate to the actual stock market? What are the differences? How can I make bells from this? All of your questions will be answered in this post!

The stalk market is the same idea as the stock market. Buy low, sell high. However, the actual details change up a bit.

First off, you can only buy turnips on ONE DAY for just a few hours. That day would be every Sunday from 5 am – 12 pm. Second, Timmy and Tommy will not buy turnips on Sundays (the day that Daisy Mae comes), even after she leaves. Third, the turnip prices change twice a day. At 8 am when the store opens, and at 12 pm in the afternoon. Fourth, you can only buy turnips in bundles of 10. Lastly, the turnips will rot the next Sunday, so sell em quick (they will also go bad if you time travel backwards)!

That basically gave you all the information on how the stalk market works. But now it’s time for numbers. How can you make bells? What price will Daisy Mae charge you per turnip? How high can the turnip prices get?

Daisy Mae charges between 90-110 bells per turnip. Don’t fret if you get a high price! It can actually help you later on! For starters, try buying around 100 turnips. If you know your way around the stalk market, buy around 500 turnips. If you like to invest a lot, try 1000 or more turnips. You may need a specific room or area outside to store your turnips, since they can’t be placed in your house storage. Turnip sell prices can range from 9 bells (if you are screaming right now, I don’t blame you), to 660 bells (WHAT). If people advertise prices higher than 660 bells, they are scammers trying to scam you! So… how do these prices work? Are they random?

Actually, the prices are not random! The turnip prices run off of elaborate patterns. One of the four patterns are selected each week. The first is the fluctuating pattern. THIS is where it gets random. You need to monitor each day carefully and it’s best to sell your turnips right when you can make a profit. Turnip prices in this category peak at 154 BPT, so you can’t make a huge profit. Next is the decreasing pattern. It’s also VERY hard to make profit at all. The “best” time to sell is on Monday, although the Monday price can drop as low as 72 BPT! If you think that’s bad, look at Saturday, which can drop as low as 28 BPT. Oof. Here come the good patterns! First is the small spike pattern. Turnip prices will peak from Tuesday-Thursday and prices can get as high as about 200% your turnip buy price (this is where high buy prices come in handy!) The last and best pattern is the large spike pattern. Similar to the small spike, Tuesday-Thursday is the best time to sell and turnips can get as high as 600% your turnip buy price (110 buy price * 600% = 660 BPT!)

But you don’t have to rely on your own mind! You don’t have to rely on this post either! If there is one place to rely on, it would be a turnip calculator. My favorite is which will usually figure out what pattern you have by day 2! Give it a shot!

Hope that answered all your questions about turnips and the stalk market! Have any more questions? Let me know in the comments below.

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