Nookazon Trading Rules

*NOTE: This is a post for Nookazon buyers. If you are looking for our Nookazon series, please check search for the “Nookazon” tag.*

(1) Trading will normally occur on my island. I have a secure system set up to prevent scams on both the seller/buyer end. If you want to trade on your island, please request it via chat.

(2) Based on level of risk, you may be asked to place your item(s) first (or I may place my items first). Please see this list for level of risk/rules:

Low risk = My side of the trade is already set up prior to arrival.

Medium risk = Each side will place the items at the same time.

High risk = Buyer will place items before receiving my side.

Risk will be evaluated based on reviews, prior experiences, hints of a possible scam, etc…


(3) A maximum of 5 minutes will be allowed after acceptance of an offer. If you do not chat me or mark your status as “Arriving soon”, your offer will be removed (you can still place another offer at a later time).

(4) Effective 1-23-21, there will be no additional offers at the trading island in question. If you would like an additional listing that I have, please place an offer for multiple listings at a time and request that it all be taken care of in a single trip. No additional offers can be made on-site.


There may be additional rules/guidelines in the future, so please be sure to re-read the policies if engaging in an additional trade. Thank you for your help in making sure all trades go smoothly!

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