What is Nookazon?

Nookazon is the most popular ACNH trading website. It has many different features for buyers and sellers alike. In this series, we will cover what Nookazon is and how to effectively use it.

Nookazon’s features:

(1) BUYERS can browse a catalog of hundreds upon thousands of listings. You can make an offer to the seller and then the trading process occurs.

(2) SELLERS can find a product that they have, then create a listing for it. Buyers will make an offer until you find an agreement.

(3) Giveaways occur quite often, giving away HUGE prizes (thousands of NMT’s, items, etc…) In fact, the entire Nookazon moderation team has to carry it! It’s easy to enter, and you need to be present at their livestream to win.

What’s good about Nookazon?

(1) Zero cost, zero commissions to use Nookazon! They have an optional patreon page, however, and you can buy exclusive benefits.

(2) Super easy to set up offers, make an offer, make an auction, or bid on an auction item. They truly thought of everything!

What’s not so good about Nookazon?

(1) Although there is no cost, there are tons of ads (sidebar, footer, and pop-up ads). You can remove these by becoming a patreon.

(2) Although this is not a problem that Nookazon staff can solve, scams still exist. However, they provide good information about how to safely trade and how to detect scams.

Want to know more about how to use Nookazon? Keep an eye out for more posts in this series!

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