What’s up on Cypress? #4

Today, we will be doing a post on island hopping!

To island hop, you need a L O T of Nook Miles to convert to Nook Mile Tickets (NMT for short). You also need quite a bit of time to actually do the island hopping.

First, you need to gather your Nook Miles. Nook Mile+ goals are nice, but you have to do them every day. Getting a Nook Stop streak of 7+ days will net you a pretty sweet 300 miles. Convert these miles to as many NMTs as possible. You can also hop on Nookazon and trade some of your stuff for NMTs (if you do it right, you can earn big bucks!)

For beginners, try around 10 tickets for a start. If you are tearing apart the island for resources, 10 tickets takes around an hour depending on how big the island is. If you are island hopping for a villager (and not collecting any resources), you will burn through 10 tickets really quick. It all depends on what you want!

Once you have more endurance and more time, try 20 tickets. Keep increasing the number of tickets! Of course, you will always have to start back from square one once you run out… a post about Nookazon will be coming out shortly!

Happy hunting!

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