How to use Nookazon: Buyers

Welcome back! In this post, we will be going over how to BUY items on Nookazon. Let’s get started!

It’s fairly simple to browse Nookazon, since you can search for specific items and browse in categories. Once you find a product you want, look at the offers. There are no rules on Nookazon stating what price you need to sell for, so be wary of prices that seem suspicious.

Most listings will ask that you provide an offer for what you think is a good price. Try to make your offer stand out if it is a popular listing (i.e. if someone is offering 1 NMT, offer 1 NMT and 1,000 bells). You can also check out their wishlist and bring them wishlist items if they allow you to.

HOWEVER, there are different kinds of trades. For example, touch trades involve you picking up the item and adding it to your Nook Shopping catalog, then putting it back down for the seller to pick back up. Materials required trades require you to bring the crafting resources as well as the cost. There are also auctions in which you can possibly obtain rare items!

Once your offer is accepted, the seller with either send you their dodo code or request yours. You can also direct message them if there is a problem (and what your terms are). Once you arrive on their island (or vice versa), you can use the decided method of trading (i.e. buyer pays first/each side pays half at once/etc…) I would recommend reading Nookazon’s safe trading guide (available on their website). I set up stalls at my island entrance and block off access to the remainder of my island (instructions available on the safe trading guide). If all goes well, say your farewells and make your way back to your island!

However, if you are scammed, be sure to report that user so the moderation team can ban them from Nookazon. Be sure to leave a 5-star review if the trade went well, taking off stars depending on what happened during the trade. 5-star ratings are very important to buyers and sellers alike, as they can determine who gets to trade… and who is too suspicious for trading.

That should be all for Nookazon buying! If you need more assistance, Nookazon has their own FAQ page regarding buying, so be sure to check it out!

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