How to use Nookazon: Sellers

Want to start selling and making the “big bucks” like people say they do? Look no further!

Selling through Nookazon is rather hard to be profitable. Although Nookazon takes zero nothing from you, it is still hard to make profit that is worth it. Here are some key notes that I made regarding Nookazon:

First off, Nookazon takes lots of time. If only there was no school, no work, no nothing. You need to fit your available times into other people’s available times. This is why the chat feature is essential. You both need to find out when you can both trade.

Second, Nookazon has tons of features to utilize. You can create simple listings (i.e. people submit offers based on what you want, then you accept the best offers) or auctions (people bid on your item(s) and the highest bidder wins).

Third, you need to make your time worth it. It’s easy to say “Well… I’m receiving 100,000 bells for 30 iron nuggets. That’s a good deal and I’m making profit!” Right? Wrong. Time is money. When that one buyer lags and forgets to change their status, that builds up to about 20 mins per trade. So what if you are receiving 100,000 bells? You could make 100,000 bells another way with much less effort. Make trades worth your time. Don’t offer one gold nugget… offer five or more. Offer a bulk discount to those who are willing. More about profitable strategies in future post(s).

That’s all for my key details. Now then, to make a listing, you need to use the search bar or look at a category, then click on the product you want to sell. You scroll down and click the “Add Listing” button.

Then, you are faced with some choices.

First, select “Selling” or “Auction”, depending on what listing you would like to make. Now then, here are what the options mean:

“Amount” – Choose how much of the item you want to sell

“Standing Listing” – Do you want to sell this item more than once without having to create another listing? Click the checkbox to keep this listing on the page even after someone buys it.

“Ask for Offers” – Instead of setting one price, ask that your buyers choose what they think is a fair price. You will have the ability to deny and accept offers that are reasonable/unreasonable.

“Accept Only Listing Price” – Only allow the price that you set to be chosen (i.e. if you want to trade 1 acorn for 1 NMT, you can only allow your buyers to trade for this). Although this is preferred by some, some people may be willing to pay more, and by selecting this option, you are denying that opportunity.

“Bells” / “NMT” – Choose how much your listing will cost in bells and/or NMT. You can leave them both at 0 if you want to do a free giveaway.

“Items to Trade” – Choose which item(s) you want in exchange.

Setting up an auction is far simpler, asking how many hours you want the auction to last and what currency you want your buyers to bid on. Be careful, however, you should set your base price to something that you would want for any normal listing, because not all auctions get more than a few bids. You cannot cancel auctions after someone has bid, so you may end up giving up something far too good for something far too poor.

Eventually, you will get some offers! You have the option to contact each person who submitted an offer, accept, deny, or counter their offer. You can choose to accept offers in the order in which they were received, go for the highest offer, or do something completely different. You will definitely want to keep some kind of a list or a mental note about which order you will be trading. I simply keep mental notes, but you do you! If they are inactive and mess up your schedule a bit, message them in an attempt to reschedule. I have a 5-minute rule about showing up, and automatically re-open the listing and contact the inactive buyer to reschedule. Wasting your time on inactive people is not a good investment, so have a similar rule prepared.

BEFORE the buyer reaches your island, you can message them about possible bulk discounts (if you have excess items that you need to get rid of). I found that contacting buyers about bulk discounts is a better use of your time and therefore better for you and the buyer (you waste less time, the buyer gets more stuff at a bigger discount). EXAMPLE: Someone submits an offer for 3 beehives for 2 NMTs. I have an excess of 3 beehives, and before they arrive, I offer them an additional 3 beehives for just 1 NMT. They accept the offer, and print another ticket before they arrive. This is a real example and it worked perfectly for both parties, so feel free to try other bargains. Just don’t be too pushy about it.

If the trade goes smoothly, give the buyer a good review, and the buyer will most likely do the same. Enjoy your new bells, NMTs, and/or items!

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