A look into February’s Festivale

Festivale is approaching very soon, featuring Pave and the selection of feathers, reactions, DIY’s, clothing, and more! Here’s what sums up what we have seen so far:

On Jan 26, Nintendo released their Festivale trailer. Lots of blogs, YouTubers, and ACNH content creators have posted their thoughts and have also summed up exactly what they saw in that short 1 1/2 minute trailer. My favorite ACNH content creator is YouTuber koramora and her in-depth video regarding Festivale was very informative.

Koramora explained that most of Nintendo’s leaks are not in the trailer, but on their Japanese website, which has been translated so we can (try) to understand it.

Reactions: Festivale reactions as shown at 0:50 (the final pic at 0:53) on Nintendo’s Festivale video, which is conveniently available on YouTube. There were also some reactions shown for some mini Super Bowl event on their Japanese website.

Clothing: According to the Japanese website, there will be Festivale-related clothing available at the Able Sister’s shop.

DIY: Different guides say different things regarding Festivale DIY’s, so we need to keep an eye out for this one. Possible DIY set in Nook’s Cranny, or probably available through completing quests for Pave.

Items: Starting with mini-events… football themed items and Valentines Day themed items are definitely coming. As shown multiple times in the trailer, the example island has lots of Festivale themed items. The full list of timestamps are 0:25 (some balloon-type thing in the background), 0:46 (some pennant-type thing in the background), and from 0:47-0:54 (tons of stuff… including a lamp kind of decoration… variations of the pennant, variations of the balloon-type things, and more). You can do your own research in the video.

That’s really all that they gave us… the server is going down for maintenance today (or on Jan 28 if you are reading this past Jan 28) at 4:55 PM. We shall see some more info later!


Following server maintenance, we found an update waiting for us! After being installed, certain items are available in the “Seasonal” section of Nook Shopping. Beans you can throw at friends… sports day items…

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