Nookazon: The Importance of Reviews

Nookazon is a website (and discord server for those discord users out there), for ACNH users looking to buy and sell currencies, items, villagers, DIY recipes, the list goes on and on.

When you are a buyer looking at listings for an item, you see the average star number of each review and the number of reviews given. That can determine whether you place an offer or continue your search.

For a seller looking at offers, the average star review and number of reviews can determine whether you accept their offer, or assume they are a scammer.

Unfortunately, a great percentage of Nookazon users are new or have existed for little time. This unfortunately means that they will be ignored for some time since they will have zero stars. First-time buyers/sellers should aim to get just one five-star review. If your first review is a one-star review, that basically disqualifies you from Nookazon, as next to nobody wants to buy/sell to someone who has a one-star review.

After a trade, make sure to leave a review! I usually always submit a five-star review and leave a comment about specifics (i.e. seller/buyer was super kind… trade went smoothly… seller/buyer was patient… etc…) It means a lot, especially for first-time buyers/sellers!

Here is my profile (if you ever want to trade):

You can also use it as reference to what profiles look like and what you can do with it.

Have fun making Nookazon your own (and staying away from scammers)!

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