Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Intro

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a fun mobile Animal Crossing game that you can get on most mobile devices. Not only is the game itself super fun, but you can also receive fun ACNH items from it!

To receive maximum benefits, make sure you have a Nintendo Account that is already linked to ACNH.

Once you boot up Pocket Camp for the first time, go through the intro and you will have the option to link your Nintendo Account. If you have your login credentials on-hand, now’s your chance! If you follow this guide exactly, you can earn 200 leaf tickets for just having a Nintendo account! What a great deal!

After you link your Nintendo account (you don’t need to, but it’s helpful to do it now), you will complete the simple tutorial. It’s super easy and simple, but can be a bit confusing for first-time players. Basically, you are the owner of the campsite and you need to customize it! Upon choosing your campsite theme, don’t worry too much. You will have the option to change up your campsite theme later, plus get the remaining three villagers you weren’t able to start out with. If you don’t like any of the themes, most people go natural and get Goldie (super cute btw), which isn’t bad!

Once you get (minimal) freedom, head to your mailbox and claim those 100 leaf tickets (assuming you linked your Nintendo account. If you didn’t you will not have the tickets). Also, you can head to the button above “Social” and click “My Nintendo” if you want to link your account OR get some fun rewards! If you linked your account, the first prize option is the “Special Order Ticket”, which earns you another 50 leaf tickets and a download code for a free ACNH update! The update will add Pocket Camp items to your Nook Shopping catalog. But let’s slow down and look at a common error. When you claim the free special order ticket, an error message seems to pop-up. When this happens, don’t try again or else you will keep doing that forever ;-; Exit My Nintendo and claim those 50 leaf tickets that snuck their way into your mailbox! The non-purchase actually goes through! Head back to My Nintendo and Special Order Ticket to receive a download code. Write that down and you can use it in the Nintendo E-shop to receive the free update! You can also go back to My Nintendo… scroll all the way down… and there is a pack for 50 FREE leaf tickets at the bottom.

And that’s how you start out the game and earn 200 FREE leaf tickets! Happy pocket camping!

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