What’s up on Cypress? #2

Now then, today I would like to make a villager list! I will list all of my villagers (in plot order), then rank them! Let’s get right into it: Pashmina Flip Clay Bianca Bettina Zell Francine Tia Jeremiah Punchy This list is current as of 1-19-21… but this could change. Notice any villagers that youContinue reading “What’s up on Cypress? #2”

5-star Island Guide

For the last week or so, with the Splatoon 2 ultimate splatfest closing out (Mushroom vs Star), there hasn’t been much going on around here. But that is soon to be changed! Everyone wants to have a 5-star island. It’s awesome, you can brag to your friends, you get the DIY for a gold wateringContinue reading “5-star Island Guide”

What’s up on Cypress? #1

Welcome to the first “What’s up on Cypress?” series post! Need some inspiration? Wanna see what’s up on my island? You’re in the right place! This post is about what my island looks like! Yes, with real in-game screenshots, not ones from the internet! In this post, we will cover some simple ideas for fillingContinue reading “What’s up on Cypress? #1”

Early Event Access Guide

Events… the staple of Animal Crossing games. Plus time traveling… getting to anytime whenever you want. The question is… can we combine Events and Time Traveling? The short answer, no. The long answer? Kinda. To an extent. As of the winter event (Turkey Day + Toy Day), Nintendo has locked time traveling to events. TheContinue reading “Early Event Access Guide”