Update 1.7.0 and Festivale

Update 1.7.0 brought much more than simply Festivale. Today we will see exactly what 1.7.0 brought to the game.

Mermaid Fence-

Apparently, the mermaid fence was supposed to come out in the second summer update, but it didn’t. Dataminers have seen evidence of it since then. Why did Nintendo come out with it now? We may never know… but we are glad it’s here!

Festivale Set-

A whole load of new Festivale items are arriving starting February 1st. Each day, the bottom left corner of Nook’s Cranny (seasonal), will have a Festivale item to buy! These seem fairly cheap, so go ahead and buy!

Festivale Reactions-

A total of four new reactions are available to buy at Nook’s Cranny! It’s a one-time purchase for 19,800 bells at the cabinet. Who doesn’t want to throw confetti?

Custom Decorations-

Nook’s Cranny and Resident Services are decked out for Festivale as usual…

Festivale Clothing-

The Able Sister’s will be carrying some cool clothing, so buy something cool to celebrate Festivale!

And that’s all for Update 1.7.0! More info coming soon about what the event will look like! Happy gaming!

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