Happy Home Academy: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Happy Home Academy seems to always get up into your hair one way or another. Whether you want a room with nothing but turnips or a passionate designer who doesn’t understand why red items need to go in one corner.

Once you upgrade your tent to a house, you will receive a letter from the HHA congratulating you on your new home! From then on, every Sunday at 5 AM, you will receive a letter from the HHA with your score for the week and a tip to improve on. You will also receive a letter when you upgrade your home.

Every item is worth a certain number of points. Seasonal items are worth more points, and some items have no effect. Having the four necessities will gain you a good number of base points. The four necessities are a bed, dresser/wardrobe, a table, and a chair.

Let’s dive into what has no effect. Mannequins have no effect, as does wallpaper and flooring. With mannequins, you essentially “lose” the points you could have earned in that tile of space. So skip the mannequins and leave them for outdoors.

Also, be sure to keep wall-mounted stuff facing the direction they are supposed to. If a TV is facing a wall… that’s a no-no and you will lose points. Don’t worry too much about this, just keep everything facing the right direction. Lastly, be sure to keep those cockroaches out of your house! They will cost you many many points.

How can you maximize a single room?

A seasonal room helps greatly (I made a Halloween room complete with matching wallpaper/flooring). If you don’t have enough stuff for a seasonal room, make sure to cover the walls with TV’s, villager photos, plaques that the HHA gives you (more on that later), etc… These are easy ways to earn some extra points.

Let’s look at a chart regarding each rank and how many points you need to earn each rank.

House SizePoints to achieve B rankPoints to achieve A rankPoints to achieve S rank
Initial House<9,99910,000-14,99915,000>
Larger House<16,99917,000-22,99923,000>
2 Rooms<24,99925,000-34,99935,000>
3 Rooms<37,99938,000-46,99947,000>
4 Rooms<49,000*50,000-59,00060,000>
4 Rooms + Upstairs<63,99964,000-74,99975,000>
4 Rooms + Upstairs + Basement<79,000*80,000-89,99990,000>
* These numbers seem off due to the fact that 49,001-49,999 and 79,001-79,999 are not covered by a rank.

There are websites out there that can help you with each individual item and how many points it’s worth.

Next up is the complicated part. Feng shui is the overall feel of each room. This means certain colors in certain parts of each room.

  • Yellows in the top left
  • Reds in the top right
  • Yellows/Greens in the bottom left
  • Reds/Greens in the bottom right

Following that list will gain you maximum points, so be sure to (try) feng shui!

Enough with the numbers and confusing tips… let’s get onto rewards! You aren’t doing this for nothing!

10,000 PointsHHA Pennant
20,000 PointsBronze HHA Plaque
30,000 PointsSilver HHA Plaque
50,000 PointsGold HHA Plaque
70,000 PointsBronze HHA Trophy
100,000 PointsSilver HHA Trophy
150,000 PointsGold HHA Trophy
Note that point rewards are delivered via your weekly rating (Sundays at 5 AM)

Have any questions? Need some help with designing your own home? Have some tips you want to share? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!

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