How to get the most out of Festivale

Welcome to Festivale, the third major event that I will be handling! Please pay close attention and enjoy!

When you first talk to Pave, you will receive the DIY for a rainbow feather. He will also inform you that trading three of the same color feather will result in a piece of furniture (it will be in the color of the feathers you traded). You will only need to trade a single rainbow feather for a rainbow piece of furniture.


Of course, colors of feathers vary and you may have too many of a certain color. Luckily, you can trade feathers with your villagers! Look for the costume/accessory of the color you have a lot of, and talk to them until they propose a trade (1-3 of their clothing color for 1-3 of another color). Perfect!

Just as a note, the four colors of feathers stack up to three times. Rainbow feathers can only stack one per slot.


I like all my furniture the rainbow color. As such, I either need rainbow feathers for customizing already purchased/earned furniture, or to give to Pave to receive a random piece of rainbow colored furniture.

Also, there is an exclusive item for this event! It’s called the Festivale float! You can only achieve this item once and it is difficult to achieve. First, you need to do a total of nine trades with Pave. After that, bring a total of three rainbow feathers to Pave to see him do the best dance yet! You will also receive the float after. To get the three rainbow feathers, try to get some flying in the air and craft some as well.

Overall, this event is SUPER long. It took me around two hours to get everything (and decking out my outdoor Festivale area). Although it takes so long, it’s a really simple event and you can stop playing at any time. Keep on dancing, and I’ll see you next time!


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