ACNH + Super Mario Crossover: Update, Items, and Rewards!

What a busy week it has been! Launching our new wiki… with school and all… but here I am with a post about the AC + Super Mario crossover that was announced in 2020 and in the Nintendo Direct a few days ago!

If you need a refresher on the Nintendo Direct, here’s the ACNH/Super Mario crossover trailer bit.

The update, 1.8.0, will launch on February 25. However, the majority of the event is not available until March 1.

Of course, what’s an ACNH update without the download reward? By downloading it, you will receive some free Mario wallpaper!!


On March 1st (without time traveling, unfortunately), the Mario themed items will be available in a certain category of Nook Shopping called “Promotions”. You may have never seen this before, but if you have, it is for the Pocket Camp promo. Remember that you are limited to five catalog orders per day no matter what… so make this worth it! You also cannot time travel backwards to receive five more orders… that doesn’t work either.

In the trailer we saw the basics, like blocks, question mark blocks, coins, power-ups (mushrooms, fire flowers, super stars, one-up mushrooms, etc…), mushroom platforms, and more. However, above all of these items comes the pipe. You may have heard people getting super excited about this, and they’re right!

You will be able to buy up to two warp pipes the same way you would other items. Placing two warp pipes in different places around your island link. When you hop in one, you come out the other! If you’ve placed only one, you will land somewhere random on your island.

It’s not just Mario… there are other mini events like Girl’s Day that will be celebrated with daily items in Nook Shopping for a period of time. For these mini events, the devs noted that the items will likely rotate out day by day, so check every day for a new item.

Also, we are hosting HUGE monthly giveaways on our wiki! This month (March 2021), we are giving away 1M bells AND 100 NMT! In future months we are going to give away rare items, so stay engaged!

Let me know in the comments below where you are going to place your two warp pipes!

That’s it for today, thank you for reading, and please subscribe!

EDIT: Since this post is really popular, a part 2 will be coming once we have more info!! This one will include visual aids to help.

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