The Newest Duplication Glitch

Recently, a new duplication glitch was found! These glitches have been found from the launch of the game beyond. The most notable was the table turning glitch, which is when a 1×1 item is placed on a table, then turned by a player, then picked up while the table was turning. The item would be in your inventory and on the table.

This duplication glitch allows you to duplicate items at a much quicker rate and on a larger scale. No longer are you required to duplicate 1×1 items… you can duplicate mostly ANY item.


You will need a friend who has a different island, has Nintendo Switch Online, and is willing to perform this with you. Let’s get right into it!

First, you need to have your friend online. Have them open their gate. Fill your pockets with whatever you want to duplicate (bells and NMTs are popular). You can duplicate star fragments, any item, bells/NMTs (as mentioned before), and more.

Then, get a stopwatch ready. You can use a physical or online one. Head to their island. After the loading, you will come out the airport. The second you can start moving, start the stopwatch.

You will need to work quickly, so make sure your friend has an open space in front of their airport. Start dropping the items on the floor, as quickly as you can. Once the stopwatch reaches ~2 mins (testing has shown that this is around 2 mins and 10 secs), the auto save bubble should pop up in the top right corner. Testing has shown that you can drop a full 40 inventory and have about 20 seconds to spare.

The second you see the auto save, hit the POWER button. Do not hold it, just press it. And don’t mistake this for the HOME button either. Once you hit the button, wait about five seconds (I do 10 just in case), then your switch back on and enter the application. An error should pop up and you will be transported back to your island. If done correctly, you should have the items in your inventory as well as at your friend’s island.


If one of the following happens, please see the solution:

  • The items are in my inventory but not at the island.

You pressed the POWER button a little bit too early. Try doing it a bit later next time.

  • The items are not in my inventory but at the island.

You pressed the POWER button a little too late. Try doing it a bit earlier next time.

  • Oh no! My items are not in my inventory nor at the island!

I tested this out with my friend once… I decided to try duplicating backwards. Have the items at the island, come to the island and pick everything up within ~2 mins, then duplicate. Unfortunately, this resulted in the game removing both sets of items.


The best way to earn bells with this method is duplicating royal crowns until you have 40 of them. After duplicating 40, selling 40 at the shop will earn you 12M bells. However, you cannot carry 12M bells so Timmy and Tommy send the bells to the ABD for you!

Did this guide help you earn bells or items? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!

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