ACNH + Super Mario Crossover Pt. 2: Update, Items, and Rewards!

Welcome back! After a record number of views on the last ACNH + Super Mario Crossover post, I decided we just had to do another! This time, however, we have some visual aids. I usually will include visual aids in all posts as it greatly enhances the text. However, since all I had were spoilers, we didn’t have any accompanying images. Since then, the update itself has launched! This time, I have some images from my own island for you!

Also, be sure to stick around to the end to hear more about our monthly giveaways!


As stated in the last post, upon downloading update 1.8.0, you will receive a letter from Nintendo in the mail with some cool Mario wallpaper!

On March 1st, Nook Shopping hosts a whole bunch of Mario-themed items! Remember that you can only buy five items per day. This whole Nook Shopping catalog included is a doozy to read and was a doozy to create, so please enjoy!


You should also buy a few warp pipes! Originally, we all thought warp pipes were limited to two, but I was able to buy four (and probably more!) However, the warp pipe system was a bit weird. I wanted to place two in my house and link one to Nook’s Cranny and one to the villager housing place.

For this, I’m going to label each warp pipe with A, B, C, and D.

I started by placing warp pipe A in my house. Then I put warp pipe B at Nook’s Cranny. I warped back to the house and placed warp pipe C. I went to villager housing and placed warp pipe D. However, warp pipe A was linked to warp pipe D and B to C. I’m not sure what caused this to happen, and I am not sure how the warp pipes are officially linked. Good luck with setting up your warp pipes!

Now finally, the final layout of my Mario room! It was stuffed to the brim and contains *almost* every item. A few of the cool ones were unfortunately excluded and I may make another post on the wiki with an updated layout.


Lastly, we have our March monthly giveaway! Please check out the wiki for a chance to win 1,000,000 bells AND 100 NMT!!! If you become a member, you can get three entries to the giveaways every month!

Be sure to subscribe for more high-quality content, and I’ll see you next time!

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