ACNH + Mario Crossover: How to use Warp Pipes

About a week ago, I made a post about our first look at the ACNH + Mario Crossover update. I did not expect the post to get 75 views!! You guys blew me away with the popularity on that post. And if you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

And then just a few days ago, I made a second post with ALL the information regarding this update. So far, it is not doing as well as I hoped, so go check it out here.

One thing I mentioned in the second post was… warp pipes. I dedicated a whole little section to it, and made some pretty incorrect statements. With new evidence, I am going to write this post with the official warp pipe guide.

Also, stick around to the end to hear about how you can win 1,000,000 bells AND 100 NMT!!


This was the official excerpt from the post…

“You should also buy a few warp pipes! Originally, we all thought warp pipes were limited to two, but I was able to buy four (and probably more!) However, the warp pipe system was a bit weird. I wanted to place two in my house and link one to Nook’s Cranny and one to the villager housing place.

For this, I’m going to label each warp pipe with A, B, C, and D.

I started by placing warp pipe A in my house. Then I put warp pipe B at Nook’s Cranny. I warped back to the house and placed warp pipe C. I went to villager housing and placed warp pipe D. However, warp pipe A was linked to warp pipe D and B to C. I’m not sure what caused this to happen, and I am not sure how the warp pipes are officially linked. Good luck with setting up your warp pipes!”

As you can see, I didn’t do much testing before writing this *but* I also did not say that the information was true.

Let’s start with the examples of how warp pipes work!

One Warp Pipe…

Results in coming out of the same warp pipe.

Two Warp Pipes…

Results in coming out the opposite warp pipe.

Three or more Warp Pipes…

Results in coming out a random warp pipe (depending on how many warp pipes you have placed).


So that’s how they work. It may seem a bit unnecessary and possibly even useless to have these pipes… or maybe you simply don’t have enough ideas or have too many ideas.

If you don’t have enough ideas, think about these…

  • Warping to/from airport (place warp pipe outside of airport)
  • Warping to/from Nook’s Cranny (place warp pipe outside of shop)
  • Warping to/from Able Sister’s (place warp pipe outside of shop)
  • Warping to/from Resident Services (place warp pipe outside of tent/building and plaza)
  • Warping to/from your home (place warp pipe inside your home)
  • Using warp pipes as a bridge/incline substitute (place warp pipes where bridges/inclines are supposed to be)
  • Using warp pipes as an portable teleportation mechanism (place a warp pipe in a certain location, then carry a warp pipe in your inventory and place as needed)
  • And plenty more ideas. Eventually, maybe people can make fun games with these pipes? Maybe using them for some reason we overlooked? We shall hear more in the future.

If you have too many ideas (or want to keep your island’s warp pipes to two pipes only), here’s a tip…

  • First off, you can try to work with the “random teleportation” problem. If you have three pipes, hop in pipe A and want to get to pipe B… you could end up in pipe C. One way to avoid this problem is to simply deal with it. Keep hopping in and out of the warp pipes until you can reach your destination. If you have an insane amount of warp pipes, you might want to look for a different solution.

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