What is Touch Trading in Nookazon?

A while ago, I kicked off our Nookazon series with a few posts about how to use the site in general. Today, I will be telling you about touch trading! The definition of touch trading is adding an item to your Nook Shopping catalog without keeping the item. What does this mean for a seller?

A seller can have a rare (or popular) item in-game that they want to share. They also don’t necessarily want to give away the item. If this is you, congrats!! You are choosing one of the quickest and easiest ways to make some bells (or NMT) (or items)!!

What does this mean as a buyer? Touch trading *usually* costs less than the typical keep-the-item deal, so it’s very cost effective. You also practically receive the item itself!!

You can see the “Touch Trade” icon below the trader’s name, location, and reviews. If it is not a touch trade, it will obviously not have the icon.

In a touch trade, the seller will drop the specific item, and the buyer picks it up. The buyer then immediately sets down the item for the seller to pick up again. The buyer now has a new item in his/her Nook Shopping catalog (for purchase), and the seller didn’t lose a thing!

You should also be aware that there ARE scams on Nookazon. Be sure to look for these red flags:

  • Other trader has extremely low reviews
  • Other trader insists on your payment first (although this may be a safety precaution; do not take this as a flag without more evidence).
  • Seller does not drop the item you paid for (report offensive user)
  • Seller ends session and results in the item not being added to your catalog (report offensive user)
  • Buyer does not return the item after being given (report offensive user) (NOTE: it *may* have been an accident, so check in with them if they leave with the item.)
  • There are some more elaborate scams that take place, but note that I have NEVER seen a scam occur and basically everyone is super kind and nice. Even when somebody DOES scam, Nookazon has a great reporting system that basically keeps all scammers out.

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And that’s all for this post!! Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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