Pocket Camp’s Reward System is Flawed. Here’s Why.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been around for quite a few years now. I joined recently, but I have noticed patterns that seem to decrease the game’s value and charm.

Every month, there are always three events. Let’s look at these real quick (each event is about 10 days long):

  • Garden Event- This is always the first event each month. You obtain event seeds by buying them or completing villager requests. You can plant these seeds in your garden just like other plants. After they have fully grown, a rare creature will appear on each plant, and you can try catching them. There is also a chance you will miss the creature. You can then harvest your plants and redeem them for exclusive rewards. You can also send the bugs you caught to friends, and they help you complete event tasks, which also earn you rewards.
  • Fishing Tourney- This is always the second event each month. You catch rare fish (identified by sparkles on the fish), then bring them to CJ to be measured. You will not be able to keep the fish, but you can earn rewards depending on how long the collective fish lengths are. After a few fish caught, you have to wait a few hours for more rare fish to spawn.
  • Scavenger Hunt- This is always the final event each month. Most areas will have gyroids for you to collect! Exclusions include Shovelstrike Quarry, your Campsite and your Cabin. You can also receive gyroids from villagers at your campsite, and (sometimes) as a part of Shovelstrike Quarry’s special reward. Collect enough gyroids to complete event goals. This one’s a bit more boring, as you only make progress to the monthly currency, not to exclusive event items.

Each month, all of these events occur along with a new currency for the month. Note that the monthly currency changes the next year, so you can sell the monthly currency after the month is over. They’re worth a lot of bells!

By gathering the monthly currency, you can obtain rewards such as Leaf Tickets, exclusive items, Reissue Material, Sparkle Stones, etc…

Why is this so flawed? Because it’s literally the same thing every month. Sure, the currency changes and new fortune cookies, villagers, and other assorted events release, but… that’s the only thing we can expect? You can only do so many fishing tourneys before you want to sell every last fish you see.

I would love some variety. I know that Pocket Camp has been seeing events in addition to this monthly rewards spiel, but I would love a new constant event (or maybe three?). Seeing Flick as often as CJ is nice… so maybe add the Bug-Off? What about villager requests? Maybe a Donations event? In my opinion, there should be about 8 events that are in a random wheel. Every month, three of the events are chosen. This would keep everyone excited to know what they will be competing in.

Those are my thoughts on Pocket Camp’s monthly rewards. Do you have any thoughts on what could be added? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!

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