How to earn Star Fragments in ACNH

Star Fragments help you with lots of DIY recipes in ACNH. The only problem is… star events aren’t super common. So how can you earn these pesky yet helpful items super fast? I have quite a few solutions for you, so read on.

1. Using MeteoNook to predict future weather patterns.

MeteoNook is a service that predicts weather patterns created by the one and only Ninji. You can check it out here. Basically, you record your island’s weather from multiple days, and it narrows down your weather seed to your island! It predicts every time a star event occurs and what time each star will fall.

2. Using a friend’s island during a star event.

When a star event occurs on a friend’s island, that’s your chance to grab some star fragments! And there’s benefit on their end too… opening their gates allows them to receive up to double the normal star fragment limit.

3. Duplicating glitch (while its available).

At the time of this post, this duplication glitch is still available to be used. However, this can be patched at any time, so it may not work if this post is outdated. Basically, you can duplicate any number of star fragments. This does require a friend, but you can pull in 40 fragments per minute if. you do it right. Check out my post for it here.

There’s also the normal “waiting for Isabelle to announce an event” option (if you are patient and log on every day). Now we will get into the technicalities of star fragments… make sure you read it.

There’s a limit of 20 stars per star event. You can wish as many times as you want, but doing it over 20 times is a waste. One wish is equal to one fragment. If you are going with option #2, note that your friend will receive one additional star fragment for each time you wish four times (not once), totaling 40 fragments for your friend and 20 for you. An easier to read chart is below.

Without FriendWith Friend
Your Island20 wishes = 20 stars
No more rewards following 20 wishes
Wishing with Friend (Host)N/A20 wishes = 20 stars (you)
No more rewards following 20 wishes

100 wishes = 20 stars (friend)
No more rewards following 100 wishes
Wishing with Friend (Visitor)N/A20 wishes = 20 stars
No more rewards following 20 wishes

That’s basically all there is to know about star fragments! Let me know your favorite DIY recipe that requires star fragments in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!

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