Quality Of Life Updates: What’s in Update 1.9.0?

Wow! This Tuesday, Nintendo announced one of the best Quality of Life updates we have ever seen! The question is… what was in it? Are there any sneaky little features that other sources may have not included? When does it start? And… for the million dollar question… will Bunny Day return? 😡

There’s good news and bad news… which one do you want to hear first? Well according to Google, 78% of people like to hear the bad news first… then end on a high note. Another blog says that recipients of news like to hear bad news first, but the people who actually give the news prefer to give the good news first. Well guess what? I’m going to give the bad news first :p

Bunny Day is back. Yea I just said that. Apparently, Zipper wanted to make a return despite 99% of the community’s opinion. Eggs will start appearing on March 27 in North America and surrounding countries, while (for some), they may start appearing on March 28. Finally, on April 3 (again, April 4 for some countries), the official Bunny Day event featuring Zipper will occur. Nintendo changed a few factors, including new additions to the Bunny Day set, as well as the ability to buy these new additions from the seasonal Nook’s Cranny slot.

But wait! There’s still 80% of the post left!

I’m ranking the good news by ok news first… then ending with the best of them all. First off, the Sanrio amiibo card functionality has been added, allowing you to replace a current villager with a Sanrio villager. Second, we have updates to the NookLink app, where you can earn Nook Points and buy exclusive items (a Nook Inc. poster for one… showed off in the trailer). Third, there is a new app known as the Island Tour Creator. You can show off your island by making a short video, postcard, or screenshots. This app launches on March 24, and is available until the end of the year. Fourth… there is a new seasonal item if you are a Nintendo Switch Online member! It’s the classic Nintendo Switch Lite, available in four color variants. You must have an active membership to buy this in-game. If you don’t, you totally should! Right now, you can earn gold points from buying an annual membership, so buy it before May hits.

Fifth, we have the seasonal items. Here’s a list of them all…

  • Whoopie Cushion (April Fool’s Day) – March 26-April 1
  • Prom Items/Clothing – April 1-April 30
  • Forsythia Tree (Tree Planting Day) – April 1-April 10
  • Cool Globe (Nature Day) – April 15-April 22

Sixth, we have an exclusive 1st anniversary cake from Nook Inc. as a thank-you gift for downloading the update!

Credit to Game8 for this image.

And at the top of the list… two updates for your Nook Phone!!! 0_0 These both cost Nook Miles to purchase… you can buy them from the Nook Stop.

First up is another 50 design slots for regular AND pro designs!! This one costs 2,000 Nook Miles.

And to supplement those extra design slots… we have the custom design portal!! Sound familiar? Y’know… the one in Able Sisters? Well guess what? You can now access it from the Custom Design app for just 300 Nook Miles!!

Did you like the update? Did I leave out anything? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time!

You know I always have to do this… subscribe or else your Nook Miles will be glitched to 0!

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