3 Things you need to know about Bunny Day 2021

*Edit: Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting in the last week. It was spring break, so I decided to take a few days off. I’ll be back on my normal posting schedule effective immediately. Now back to your regularly scheduled (very delayed) post:* Bunny Day is just around the corner. With eggs. Yes, the very very very very very sad event of Bunny Day is back with… an update?

Yes, yes, the devs listened and changed how Bunny Day works. Here are the major three things to know about Bunny Day 2021.

(1) Bunny Day this year is only 8 days, rather than the original 12 days. That’s good news if you want to get over this event ASAP… although you may want the 12 days if you hear the next update…

(2) Nook’s Cranny will have new seasonal items for Bunny Day! These items are exclusive to Nook’s Cranny (you cannot obtain them any other way). They are still a part of the Bunny Day series, so if you played Bunny Day last year, don’t go on an 8 day strike this year!

(3) Last year, Nintendo decided to cut down the amount of eggs spawned mid-way through the event. It seems like those new numbers are still a thing this year. Just as a note, the six types of eggs are Sky (balloons), Water (fishing), Wood (chopping trees), Leaf (shaking trees), Stone (rocks), and Earth (digging holes).

Pretty short post today… a final Bunny Day post will be launching very soon, so keep an eye out for that!

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