The Best ACNH Songs

This is a bit of a fun post… let’s see the best ACNH songs (based on community input). How does this work? See the info below:

Part 1: Nominate your favorite ACNH song (must be a song that is played in-game and is sung by KK Slider). Five ACNH songs will be nominated for the top 5 best songs. Nominate your favorite in the comments!

Part 2: Vote for your favorite ACNH song out of the five nominated (must be a nominated song from Part 1). Everyone gets one vote, and the songs will be ranked from least votes to most votes.

Part 3: If your nominated song gets the most votes, you win 1,000,000 bells and 100 NMT!

Go ahead and nominate a song in the comments. No, it can’t be Bubblegum K.K. (I already nominated it :D)

Good luck!

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