What happened to Update 2.0?

On April 26, the official ACNH Twitter page talked about the new update we’ve all been waiting for. Then, later that night, the news post confirmed it.

Just in case you weren’t following along, the developers have left us with nothing about the next update in the 1.9 teaser. I couldn’t find the official trailer, so here’s koramora’s video:

Of course, many speculations have been made about the elusive 2.0 update (including Brewster, of course). However, rather than the one update we’ve all been hoping for… we get 3 returning events. *sigh*

Now, we have 1.10. 2.0 probably isn’t going to get released for quite a while. But what’s specifically in this update? There has to be something amazing… right?

Well, we have the May Day maze. According to the picture included on the website, it looks to be a different maze from last year. Yay?

Next up is International Museum Day (Stamp Rally). Yea, nobody really cared for this one.

Lastly is Wedding Season. This was also an event from last year, where you take wedding photos for Reese and Cyrus on Harv’s Island. You earn heart crystals and can redeem them for special wedding day furniture.

But there IS hope. In one picture (showing off seasonal items), we see an… interesting villager house. After careful research, the community has declared that the house shown does not belong to any existing villager.

However, most have concluded that the “mystery house” is simply a test house used on Nintendo’s island.

What event are you looking forward to the most (or hating the least)? Let me know in the comments below!

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