The ACNH Weekly: 6/22/21

After a few months of no posts, I’m back with a new series called the ACNH Weekly, which will be posted every Tuesday at 12 PM (Pacific Time). It will include important game updates in the coming weeks, leaks and findings, your featured screenshots and in-game moments, and some other fun stuff! If you choose to join one of our paid subscriptions, you may also get a cool little extra panel just for you 😀

~ ~ ~ Official News/Updates ~ ~ ~

On June 15, Nintendo hosted E3! E3 is a summer promotional event where game companies can show off some upcoming games and other cool stuff! After the Update 1.10 nightmare, people were really hopeful for a really cool announcement at E3 that would knock everyone’s socks off. However, there was no information given in the Nintendo Direct nor in the Nintendo Treehouse presentation. Many, many concerned and angry fans reached out to Nintendo. Luckily, an interview with executives was conducted and it was found that new game mechanics are currently in the works, but was not announced at E3. Stay tuned for more info regarding some possible big changes!

~ ~ ~ Rumors/Speculation ~ ~ ~

Again, players are hoping for Brewster (and the cafe), the second floor of Nook’s Cranny, new villagers, and more previously featured NPCs and features like Tortimer’s Island. Finally, other quality-of-life updates like quicker access to some of the airport features and more apps for the Nook Phone.

~ ~ ~ Villager of the Week ~ ~ ~

Meet Daisy, a normal dog villager! Her catchphrase “bow-WOW”, is a noise that dogs make, and it seems Daisy is quite alert and excited with the WOW part!

The chances of finding Daisy on a random mystery island is 0.18%, assuming you do not have any complete series nor any other dog villagers on your island.

~ ~ ~ Featured Screenshots/Fanart ~ ~ ~

No featured screenshots/fanart

If you have any screenshots or fanart that you want in the next ACNH Weekly post, please post it or give me a link to it in the comments below!

~ ~ ~ Thank you! ~ ~ ~

See you next week on June 29 @ 12 PM!

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