New Seasonal Items! (July 2021)

Welcome back! Today, I’m here to talk about a few new seasonal items that will be releasing throughout July. From July 8-22, you can get a Marine Day ship wheel door decoration! It looks great with some of the other Gullivar items. From July 10-20, you can get a Phrygian Cap for Le 14 JullietContinue reading “New Seasonal Items! (July 2021)”

Cutting the Fat: The ACNH Weekly

I’ll get straight to the point. Recently, there’s been no news to report on. None. Which means that the ACNH Weekly will only consist of speculation. We’ve heard all of it, from Brewster to Nook’s Cranny to some crazy other stuff like airport upgrades. Because we don’t want to give you bad content that’s simplyContinue reading “Cutting the Fat: The ACNH Weekly”