Update 1.10: Here we go again…

Oh no, here we go again. The good news? New update… “yay”. The bad news? It’s one of the worst possible outcomes that were possible. With this update, we’ve got the fireworks event again… yay. Although I definitely don’t hate this event, I would’ve hoped for something more original. Two items will be added toContinue reading “Update 1.10: Here we go again…”

New Seasonal Items! (July 2021)

Welcome back! Today, I’m here to talk about a few new seasonal items that will be releasing throughout July. From July 8-22, you can get a Marine Day ship wheel door decoration! It looks great with some of the other Gullivar items. From July 10-20, you can get a Phrygian Cap for Le 14 JullietContinue reading “New Seasonal Items! (July 2021)”

Cutting the Fat: The ACNH Weekly

I’ll get straight to the point. Recently, there’s been no news to report on. None. Which means that the ACNH Weekly will only consist of speculation. We’ve heard all of it, from Brewster to Nook’s Cranny to some crazy other stuff like airport upgrades. Because we don’t want to give you bad content that’s simplyContinue reading “Cutting the Fat: The ACNH Weekly”

The ACNH Weekly: 6/29/21

~ ~ ~ Official News/Updates ~ ~ ~ We unfortunately missed reminding our readers that there was a bug-off three days ago. Sorry about that! There are no big news or updates that was released this week (so far). ~ ~ ~ Rumors/Speculation ~ ~ ~ Excitement is growing for possible updates after June isContinue reading “The ACNH Weekly: 6/29/21”

The ACNH Weekly: 6/22/21

After a few months of no posts, I’m back with a new series called the ACNH Weekly, which will be posted every Tuesday at 12 PM (Pacific Time). It will include important game updates in the coming weeks, leaks and findings, your featured screenshots and in-game moments, and some other fun stuff! If you chooseContinue reading “The ACNH Weekly: 6/22/21”

What happened to Update 2.0?

On April 26, the official ACNH Twitter page talked about the new update we’ve all been waiting for. Then, later that night, the news post confirmed it. Just in case you weren’t following along, the developers have left us with nothing about the next update in the 1.9 teaser. I couldn’t find the official trailer,Continue reading “What happened to Update 2.0?”

The Best ACNH Songs

This is a bit of a fun post… let’s see the best ACNH songs (based on community input). How does this work? See the info below: Part 1: Nominate your favorite ACNH song (must be a song that is played in-game and is sung by KK Slider). Five ACNH songs will be nominated for theContinue reading “The Best ACNH Songs”

Bunny Day 2021: The quickest ways to earn Eggs

You need all the eggs… in a span of eight days. How do you do it? What are the easiest and hardest eggs to obtain? As a refresher, here are the six types of eggs you can earn: Leaf Sky Water Earth Wood Stone Check out my other post to learn a bit more aboutContinue reading “Bunny Day 2021: The quickest ways to earn Eggs”

3 Things you need to know about Bunny Day 2021

*Edit: Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting in the last week. It was spring break, so I decided to take a few days off. I’ll be back on my normal posting schedule effective immediately. Now back to your regularly scheduled (very delayed) post:* Bunny Day is just around the corner. With eggs. Yes,Continue reading “3 Things you need to know about Bunny Day 2021”

Quality Of Life Updates: What’s in Update 1.9.0?

Wow! This Tuesday, Nintendo announced one of the best Quality of Life updates we have ever seen! The question is… what was in it? Are there any sneaky little features that other sources may have not included? When does it start? And… for the million dollar question… will Bunny Day return? 😡 There’s good newsContinue reading “Quality Of Life Updates: What’s in Update 1.9.0?”