What is Touch Trading in Nookazon?

A while ago, I kicked off our Nookazon series with a few posts about how to use the site in general. Today, I will be telling you about touch trading! The definition of touch trading is adding an item to your Nook Shopping catalog without keeping the item. What does this mean for a seller?Continue reading “What is Touch Trading in Nookazon?”

Nookazon: The Importance of Reviews

Nookazon is a website (and discord server for those discord users out there), for ACNH users looking to buy and sell currencies, items, villagers, DIY recipes, the list goes on and on. When you are a buyer looking at listings for an item, you see the average star number of each review and the numberContinue reading “Nookazon: The Importance of Reviews”

How to use Nookazon: Sellers

Want to start selling and making the “big bucks” like people say they do? Look no further! Selling through Nookazon is rather hard to be profitable. Although Nookazon takes zero nothing from you, it is still hard to make profit that is worth it. Here are some key notes that I made regarding Nookazon: FirstContinue reading “How to use Nookazon: Sellers”

How to use Nookazon: Buyers

Welcome back! In this post, we will be going over how to BUY items on Nookazon. Let’s get started! It’s fairly simple to browse Nookazon, since you can search for specific items and browse in categories. Once you find a product you want, look at the offers. There are no rules on Nookazon stating whatContinue reading “How to use Nookazon: Buyers”

What is Nookazon?

Nookazon is the most popular ACNH trading website. It has many different features for buyers and sellers alike. In this series, we will cover what Nookazon is and how to effectively use it. Nookazon’s features: (1) BUYERS can browse a catalog of hundreds upon thousands of listings. You can make an offer to the sellerContinue reading “What is Nookazon?”