Pocket Camp’s Reward System is Flawed. Here’s Why.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been around for quite a few years now. I joined recently, but I have noticed patterns that seem to decrease the game’s value and charm. Every month, there are always three events. Let’s look at these real quick (each event is about 10 days long): Garden Event- This is alwaysContinue reading “Pocket Camp’s Reward System is Flawed. Here’s Why.”

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Intro

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a fun mobile Animal Crossing game that you can get on most mobile devices. Not only is the game itself super fun, but you can also receive fun ACNH items from it! To receive maximum benefits, make sure you have a Nintendo Account that is already linked to ACNH. OnceContinue reading “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Intro”