The Best ACNH Songs

This is a bit of a fun post… let’s see the best ACNH songs (based on community input). How does this work? See the info below: Part 1: Nominate your favorite ACNH song (must be a song that is played in-game and is sung by KK Slider). Five ACNH songs will be nominated for theContinue reading “The Best ACNH Songs”

How to earn Star Fragments in ACNH

Star Fragments help you with lots of DIY recipes in ACNH. The only problem is… star events aren’t super common. So how can you earn these pesky yet helpful items super fast? I have quite a few solutions for you, so read on. 1. Using MeteoNook to predict future weather patterns. MeteoNook is a serviceContinue reading “How to earn Star Fragments in ACNH”

The Newest Duplication Glitch

Recently, a new duplication glitch was found! These glitches have been found from the launch of the game beyond. The most notable was the table turning glitch, which is when a 1×1 item is placed on a table, then turned by a player, then picked up while the table was turning. The item would beContinue reading “The Newest Duplication Glitch”

Launching Monthly Giveaways!

Guess what? We are now launching monthly giveaways! These will get you some cool New Horizons in-game items! The first one is kicking off in March and is taking place on our new wiki:! All you need to do is reply to a post on the wiki (in the discussions tab) and wait andContinue reading “Launching Monthly Giveaways!”

Happy Home Academy: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Happy Home Academy seems to always get up into your hair one way or another. Whether you want a room with nothing but turnips or a passionate designer who doesn’t understand why red items need to go in one corner. Once you upgrade your tent to a house, you will receive a letter from theContinue reading “Happy Home Academy: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets”

Island Dreams Memberships

Island Dreams Memberships are features that reward fans who donate with certain perks. Island Dreams Friend (Tier 1): $1 / month + Access to the exclusive, ad-free premium website and message wall! Island Dreams Helper (Tier 2): $3 / month + Previous tiers + A visit to your island!* Island Dreams Superfan (Tier 3): $5Continue reading “Island Dreams Memberships”

How to make Bells with the Stalk Market

Since the beginning of the Animal Crossing series, buying/selling turnips, more known as the Stalk Market, has existed. The basic gist is you BUY turnips from Daisy Mae (or Joan in every game except New Horizons), then SELL the turnips to the shop when the price is high enough. How does this relate to theContinue reading “How to make Bells with the Stalk Market”

5-star Island Guide

For the last week or so, with the Splatoon 2 ultimate splatfest closing out (Mushroom vs Star), there hasn’t been much going on around here. But that is soon to be changed! Everyone wants to have a 5-star island. It’s awesome, you can brag to your friends, you get the DIY for a gold wateringContinue reading “5-star Island Guide”