How to make Bells with the Stalk Market

Since the beginning of the Animal Crossing series, buying/selling turnips, more known as the Stalk Market, has existed. The basic gist is you BUY turnips from Daisy Mae (or Joan in every game except New Horizons), then SELL the turnips to the shop when the price is high enough. How does this relate to theContinue reading “How to make Bells with the Stalk Market”

What’s up on Cypress? #2

Now then, today I would like to make a villager list! I will list all of my villagers (in plot order), then rank them! Let’s get right into it: Pashmina Flip Clay Bianca Bettina Zell Francine Tia Jeremiah Punchy This list is current as of 1-19-21… but this could change. Notice any villagers that youContinue reading “What’s up on Cypress? #2”

5-star Island Guide

For the last week or so, with the Splatoon 2 ultimate splatfest closing out (Mushroom vs Star), there hasn’t been much going on around here. But that is soon to be changed! Everyone wants to have a 5-star island. It’s awesome, you can brag to your friends, you get the DIY for a gold wateringContinue reading “5-star Island Guide”

What’s up on Cypress? #1

Welcome to the first “What’s up on Cypress?” series post! Need some inspiration? Wanna see what’s up on my island? You’re in the right place! This post is about what my island looks like! Yes, with real in-game screenshots, not ones from the internet! In this post, we will cover some simple ideas for fillingContinue reading “What’s up on Cypress? #1”

New Year Event Guide

New Years Eve in ACNH is actually pretty nice (wish they would’ve put similar effort into Toy Day *koff*). You go around… buy stuff from Tom Nook, chat with Isabelle, give your villagers a party popper (why not). On New Years Eve, Resident Services will be closed. The rumor about the shops being closed allContinue reading “New Year Event Guide”

Time Traveling

Mostly everyone who plays ACNH regularly will figure out that you don’t always have to live with the current time, you can play at night during the day… the day at night… play during the summer during winter… etc… In this post, you will get the answers to all of your questions about time traveling.Continue reading “Time Traveling”

Who is… Sable?

Ah, the Able Sisters. They’ve been around ever since Animal Crossing started… but who are they? More specifically, who is Sable? Sable is a hard-working porcupine in New Horizons. All day… she just sews… and sews… and sews… which is supposedly what is sold at the shop. Image credit: When you first unlock theContinue reading “Who is… Sable?”

Toy Day Event Guide

Welcome to Island Dreams Blog first recorded event… Toy Day! Whenever you are reading this (perhaps it is recent… perhaps it is in the middle of summer… perhaps it is in the winter of 2021…), please note that you can always time travel to Toy Day (but there ARE punishments for time traveling too far…).Continue reading “Toy Day Event Guide”

Who is… Leif?

Welcome to the newest installment in our new “Who is…” series! I decided to do Leif for our first character. He is pretty easy to learn about, is very helpful, and is quite a nice character that debuted in Animal Crossing New Leaf! (and yes, his name is pronounced ‘leaf’). Image credit: Leif isContinue reading “Who is… Leif?”

Deserted Island Pt. 4: House and Shop

Deserted Island Guide Upgrade If you’ve followed this guide so far, you should now have a house! Congrats! Check it out and you should also look at house storage. More about what to do coming right up! (1) Nook Miles+ is a feature that Tom Nook unlocked for you right after you paid off thatContinue reading “Deserted Island Pt. 4: House and Shop”