In-Game Island Dreams Blog Merch is now available! (Edition 1)

A few days ago, I whipped together a monstrosity that is my new merch! This is a T-shirt that is available in ACNH. You can access it through the Able Sister’s custom design portal and using the code given. The code is MO-HTY1-R8M8-C0v8 The characters can get confusing, so here is everything in lowercase: mo-hty1-r8m8-c0v8Continue reading “In-Game Island Dreams Blog Merch is now available! (Edition 1)”

Major Island Updates! (that you don’t want to miss!)

Today I received Rudy as a campsite villager!! He proposed to kick out Bettina, which I was okay with. Here he is! I may remove him at a later time, but more on that later. I also caught Clay with a thought bubble today! Sure enough, he wanted to leave and I will be doingContinue reading “Major Island Updates! (that you don’t want to miss!)”

How to earn Star Fragments in ACNH

Star Fragments help you with lots of DIY recipes in ACNH. The only problem is… star events aren’t super common. So how can you earn these pesky yet helpful items super fast? I have quite a few solutions for you, so read on. 1. Using MeteoNook to predict future weather patterns. MeteoNook is a serviceContinue reading “How to earn Star Fragments in ACNH”

What is Touch Trading in Nookazon?

A while ago, I kicked off our Nookazon series with a few posts about how to use the site in general. Today, I will be telling you about touch trading! The definition of touch trading is adding an item to your Nook Shopping catalog without keeping the item. What does this mean for a seller?Continue reading “What is Touch Trading in Nookazon?”

ACNH + Mario Crossover: How to use Warp Pipes

About a week ago, I made a post about our first look at the ACNH + Mario Crossover update. I did not expect the post to get 75 views!! You guys blew me away with the popularity on that post. And if you haven’t seen it, check it out here. And then just a fewContinue reading “ACNH + Mario Crossover: How to use Warp Pipes”

ACNH + Super Mario Crossover Pt. 2: Update, Items, and Rewards!

Welcome back! After a record number of views on the last ACNH + Super Mario Crossover post, I decided we just had to do another! This time, however, we have some visual aids. I usually will include visual aids in all posts as it greatly enhances the text. However, since all I had were spoilers,Continue reading “ACNH + Super Mario Crossover Pt. 2: Update, Items, and Rewards!”

The Newest Duplication Glitch

Recently, a new duplication glitch was found! These glitches have been found from the launch of the game beyond. The most notable was the table turning glitch, which is when a 1×1 item is placed on a table, then turned by a player, then picked up while the table was turning. The item would beContinue reading “The Newest Duplication Glitch”

ACNH + Super Mario Crossover: Update, Items, and Rewards!

What a busy week it has been! Launching our new wiki… with school and all… but here I am with a post about the AC + Super Mario crossover that was announced in 2020 and in the Nintendo Direct a few days ago! If you need a refresher on the Nintendo Direct, here’s the ACNH/SuperContinue reading “ACNH + Super Mario Crossover: Update, Items, and Rewards!”

Launching Monthly Giveaways!

Guess what? We are now launching monthly giveaways! These will get you some cool New Horizons in-game items! The first one is kicking off in March and is taking place on our new wiki:! All you need to do is reply to a post on the wiki (in the discussions tab) and wait andContinue reading “Launching Monthly Giveaways!”

How to get the most out of Festivale

Welcome to Festivale, the third major event that I will be handling! Please pay close attention and enjoy! When you first talk to Pave, you will receive the DIY for a rainbow feather. He will also inform you that trading three of the same color feather will result in a piece of furniture (it willContinue reading “How to get the most out of Festivale”