Deserted Island Pt. 3: Tent upgrade!

Deserted Island Guide Upgrade Ready to pay off your miles to the greedy raccoon Tom Nook? Good, because this is how you get a HOUSE! Yay! This will also open all kinds of doors… Nook Miles+ services, Redeeming Nook Miles at the NookStop, Mystery Island tours, and more (like actual iron tools). Let’s dive rightContinue reading “Deserted Island Pt. 3: Tent upgrade!”

Deserted Island Pt. 2: Your first day

Congrats! It’s your first day and the game is now synchronized to your current time (in real life)! Now, you are technically free to do whatever you want to do, but you won’t get very far without doing what the game wants you to do. Let’s get starting on Day 1! (1) Ooo… a smartphone!Continue reading “Deserted Island Pt. 2: Your first day”

Deserted Island Pt. 1: Setting up

When you start up Animal Crossing, you… have nothing. No bells, no nook miles, nothing. All you have is a greedy raccoon, two other not-so-greedy raccoons, an two random villagers. Image credit: Now then… there are some very fast ways to ‘beat the game’ in a little more than a week. However, the gameContinue reading “Deserted Island Pt. 1: Setting up”