How to get the most out of Festivale

Welcome to Festivale, the third major event that I will be handling! Please pay close attention and enjoy! When you first talk to Pave, you will receive the DIY for a rainbow feather. He will also inform you that trading three of the same color feather will result in a piece of furniture (it willContinue reading “How to get the most out of Festivale”

Update 1.7.0 and Festivale

Update 1.7.0 brought much more than simply Festivale. Today we will see exactly what 1.7.0 brought to the game. Mermaid Fence- Apparently, the mermaid fence was supposed to come out in the second summer update, but it didn’t. Dataminers have seen evidence of it since then. Why did Nintendo come out with it now? WeContinue reading “Update 1.7.0 and Festivale”

A look into February’s Festivale

Festivale is approaching very soon, featuring Pave and the selection of feathers, reactions, DIY’s, clothing, and more! Here’s what sums up what we have seen so far: On Jan 26, Nintendo released their Festivale trailer. Lots of blogs, YouTubers, and ACNH content creators have posted their thoughts and have also summed up exactly what theyContinue reading “A look into February’s Festivale”