What’s up on Cypress? #4

Today, we will be doing a post on island hopping! To island hop, you need a L O T of Nook Miles to convert to Nook Mile Tickets (NMT for short). You also need quite a bit of time to actually do the island hopping. First, you need to gather your Nook Miles. Nook Mile+Continue reading “What’s up on Cypress? #4”

What’s up on Cypress? #1

Welcome to the first “What’s up on Cypress?” series post! Need some inspiration? Wanna see what’s up on my island? You’re in the right place! This post is about what my island looks like! Yes, with real in-game screenshots, not ones from the internet! In this post, we will cover some simple ideas for fillingContinue reading “What’s up on Cypress? #1”