Cutting the Fat: The ACNH Weekly

I’ll get straight to the point. Recently, there’s been no news to report on. None. Which means that the ACNH Weekly will only consist of speculation. We’ve heard all of it, from Brewster to Nook’s Cranny to some crazy other stuff like airport upgrades. Because we don’t want to give you bad content that’s simplyContinue reading “Cutting the Fat: The ACNH Weekly”

The ACNH Weekly: 6/29/21

~ ~ ~ Official News/Updates ~ ~ ~ We unfortunately missed reminding our readers that there was a bug-off three days ago. Sorry about that! There are no big news or updates that was released this week (so far). ~ ~ ~ Rumors/Speculation ~ ~ ~ Excitement is growing for possible updates after June isContinue reading “The ACNH Weekly: 6/29/21”

The ACNH Weekly: 6/22/21

After a few months of no posts, I’m back with a new series called the ACNH Weekly, which will be posted every Tuesday at 12 PM (Pacific Time). It will include important game updates in the coming weeks, leaks and findings, your featured screenshots and in-game moments, and some other fun stuff! If you chooseContinue reading “The ACNH Weekly: 6/22/21”