Update 1.10: Here we go again…

Oh no, here we go again. The good news? New update… “yay”. The bad news? It’s one of the worst possible outcomes that were possible. With this update, we’ve got the fireworks event again… yay. Although I definitely don’t hate this event, I would’ve hoped for something more original. Two items will be added toContinue reading “Update 1.10: Here we go again…”

What happened to Update 2.0?

On April 26, the official ACNH Twitter page talked about the new update we’ve all been waiting for. Then, later that night, the news post confirmed it. Just in case you weren’t following along, the developers have left us with nothing about the next update in the 1.9 teaser. I couldn’t find the official trailer,Continue reading “What happened to Update 2.0?”